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The school is over now. Thanks to all the lecturers and participants for making it a success. You can find the lecture notes in the Program section below.


The school program and the lecture notes can be found below:

  • Alexander Altland (slides):
    • Disorder effects on a qualitative basis
    • Disorder effects in 1D
    • Disorder induced phase transition
    • Analogy topological insulator to QHE
    • Disordered Weyl
    • Disordered Majorana wire
  • Martin Zirnbauer (slides):
    • Free fermion ground states with symmetries
    • Bott-Kitaev sequence of topogical insulators and superconductors
    • Translation-invariant systems: the classification schemes of homotopy, isomorphy, and K-theory
    • Disordered systems: non-commutative geometry approach
  • Pavel Ostrovsky (notes):
    • Diagrammatic description of disordered metals
    • Weak localization effects
    • Scaling theory of localization
    • Non-linear sigma model
    • Renormalization group analysis of the non-linear sigma model
    • Topological classification of disordered systems
  • Shinsei Ryu (slides, notes):
    • Laughlin's gauge argument
    • The absence of Anderson localization and topological systems
    • Non-linear sigma models
    • Network models

Venue and travelling information

The workshop took place in Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, located at Hauptstraße 5, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany.

More information on the venue can be found here.

Instructions for travelling to the venue can be found here.


CRC183 Bad Honnef school is organised by the Student Council of transregional Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 183 "Entangled States of Matter". The organising committee of the 2017 school consisted of:

  • Christopher Max (University of Cologne),
  • Kyrylo Snizhko (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot),
  • Maria Laura Baez (Freie Universität Berlin),
  • Max Geier (Freie Universität Berlin).